Should You Be Replanting Corn?

In order for corn to emerge, it takes around 90 to 120 GDD. With the temperature staying relatively mild, any corn planted in early spring should soon be peeking through. Now is the time to be scouting.

Agricultural Drones Take Farming up a Notch

Interestingly, drones have been around since the 1980’s and they are also called unmanned aerial vehicles. More and more industries are starting to use drones in a more practical way.

Is Your Irrigation System Smart?

Many farmers in the midwest rely on groundwater to water their crops. There is a huge debate right now about who has the right to groundwater.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Planning is in full swing for this year’s growing season. For long-term success, it is becoming imminent to think even further into the future.

Millennials Grow the Future of Agriculture Advocacy

Those that are farmers or ranchers actively try to connect with younger generations in order to teach them about agriculture. However, millennials being involved in agriculture advocacy has helped shape what it is today.

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